How to Get the Foreplay of a Lifetime


Learn the art of getting in the mood for sex with the help of your body parts and curious mind.

Sex toys like a cock sling cockring help build up anticipation for the grand production ahead, i.e. sex. The more buildup you have, the more intense the whole act and its culminating moment will be. Foreplay is not just another step you have to go through – it can help you have the most exciting experience in bed ever.

Before being so bent on achieving the foreplay of a lifetime, think about this: what’s so good about it? Perhaps it’s such a crucial part of sex because it is the time for your body and mind to get in the mood, raring to go through the steamy triple X action.

Foreplay, though, is not just merely touching, licking, and other forms of skin contact that will initiate the big rally. It also includes doing suggestive things like seductive conversations, role-playing, and fantasy sharing. You may even start by texting your lady love some of the hottest things you want to do to her all night!

There is increased intimacy with foreplay, and you are closer, more attuned to each other’s needs as a couple. Get it right and you will find yourself having more frequent, more mindblowing orgasms each time.

Here are some easy, foolproof ways to get your foreplay right – and even make it the best ever:

1.Get your mind stimulated. Cock sling, cockring, and other sex toys play a magnificent role in getting you in the mood, but you may start with something free and basic first: get foreplay started in your mind. Look at photos, watch a film that’s sexy and suggestive (which means it doesn’t have to be hardcore porn), and talk to your partner about what you desire and how badly you want to achieve it. It’s building anticipation for sex that will be the first major step.

2.Touch your partner. This may seem rather commonsensical, but did you know there more than a hundred ways to touch and be touched? Blow light kisses, lick body parts, such firmly, and create memorable movements. Touch depending on what your mood is, and how your partner wants is done. She’s the boss, after all!

But there are weapons you can wield apart from your lips, tongue, and nimble fingers. Why don’t you try feathers, lubricants, and ice cubes? Vibrating toys like a vibrating cockring may also work, especially if your partner is blindfolded and relying on her senses alone. Pick up on speed afterwards and just keep the pressure building.

3.Explore new pleasure zones. There’s value in touching your partner’s tried-and-tested erogenous zones, but why not expand the journey to some other place in her body? Try the corners of her mouth, ears, the skin surrounding the eyes, feet, and spine. Remember: any part of your body with veins near the surface proves to be highly sensitive, so try to stroke or lick the neck, behind the knee, and inner wrists. Get your creativity going. Tell each other how good it feels, because being appreciated is another huge turn-on.

4.Combine your toys. If you’re the type of couple that values the use of sex toys, there are plenty of items to choose from, from sensual body massagers to vibrating rings that jazz up the foreplay. With utmost care and safety, learn to maximize the potential of your prized possessions in bed.

5.Experiment and do something new every time. You enter an entirely new world when making love, so make the most out of it. Get in the mood by dressing the part you like, may it be the submissive partner or the naughty, manipulative jungle explorer. Feed your fantasy by experimenting. If there’s something not enjoyable enough for the two of you, go for new techniques – that delicious moan will tell you you’re doing it with flair.