How to Be More Attractive to Men (Without Changing)


The women magazines you've been reading are lying to you!

Frankly, it drives me crazy to see how many women out there are looking for tips, tricks and scientific methods to be more attractive to men. Most of these “attracting men” tips are ridiculously stupid, sexist and down right demeaning to all women.

Just type “how to be more attractive to men” in Google and these are the “helpful tips” you will find:

“Take excellent care of your hair”
“Make sure your skin is soft, smooth, and free of blemishes”. (Don’t have perfect skin? No one will talk to you!)
“Put on a red dress”
“Talk in higher pitches” (It’s “scientifically proven!”)
“Adopt a supermodel strut” (Oh. My. God.)
“Don’t cry next to guys”. (In fact, try to NOT be human at all)
“Smell like cinnamon or vanilla”. (Better yet, just stuff some home made cookies in your pockets).
“Smile frequently, make guys around you laugh.” (Should I take acting classes too?)
” Be confident, assertive, don’t be needy and clingy”. (No problem. Confident? I’ll just say”abbra caddabra hocus focus” and I’m confident! Great!)

The biggest joke is that the last tip in these attracting-men-lists is to “be yourself”. Are you kidding me? How is talking in higher pitches being ME?

I don’t get it. Am I the only one that gets extremely annoyed by this type of “advice”? Should I blame Google for picking this as the best content to show us or the women magazines and blogs that publish that type of BS every hour?...

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