How to Make Your Boyfriend HAPPY


When a woman is in love, she will do anything and everything to make her guy happy. If he is sad or upset, she will look for ways to cheer him up. If he seems bored and a bit uninterested, she will turn the world upside down to keep him interested.
But Wait…Do You Know WHY He is Unhappy?

The first step in making your guy happy again is obviously finding out WHY he is unhappy.

Does he say you don’t love him “enough”? Does he feel insecure in your relationship?
Is he jealous about your relationships with other guys?
Does he want more sex?
Does he get angry at most of the things you say to him?
Does he have bad moods with no apparent reason?
Is he stressed about his work?
Has he lost someone or something meaningful?
Do you fight a lot?

Knowing the reason that he is not happy will definitely help you figure out what to do help him be happy again...

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