Readying Your Single Self for the Holiday Season


Being single during the holiday season can sometimes be a drag. But it doesn't have to be.

As soon as Labor Day is over, it seems the big holiday season is upon us. And so the stress begins. Holidays can be challenging to just about everybody. There are decisions to be made, plans put in place, and money to be spent. And while this is true for everyone, many single people feel an extra layer of stress.
The holidays would be tough if I didn’t have a loving network of people around me. I make it work. For example, I often host Thanksgiving for what I call my “straggler” friends: it includes single people, those who can’t or don’t want to get with their family, people whose plans changed at the last minute, and couples without children. (I have to draw the line somewhere).

The holidays get a bad rap, though, because they’re often quite good: there’s the feeling of festivity in the air, the parties, the gifts, the music, and catching up with people you like but haven’t seen in awhile. And some things about being single are actually better during the holidays because we have more flexibility and fewer rules what what one is supposed to do.

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