Markus Frind's Top 5 Tactics to Move from Online to Offline Love

Love Founder Markus Frind has been the catalyst for plenty of weddings and babies via his website is the world's largest online dating site and its founder Markus Frind has seen and heard it all. Based on his experiences being a major player in the online dating industry, Frind shared his top five tactics for converting an online interest to offline partnership.

1. What are the best tips for moving online connections to offline?

If you feel comfortable with the concept of a real life meeting with someone you are chatting with online, meet as soon as possible to see if you’re compatible! Keep things light, meet in a public place, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself! Sometimes even if we have established a relationship online, it can take a little while for the chemistry to translate into the real world.

2. How come some fizzle in person while others thrive?

It all comes down to chemistry and compatibility! Sometimes we can feel like we really know someone online, but then in person they don’t seem to match up to be that person we’d imagined. My advice here is to go in with an open mind, and be honest with yourself, and each other! If you are not feeling a romantic connection, that’s ok! It’s better to establish that sooner rather than later.

3. Do you see a formula for making sure a person stays realistic and hopeful in meeting an online connection over time that leads to a long-term healthy relationship?

The thing to remember about building and maintaining healthy relationships is that there is no “right” or “wrong “way to go about it. People follow a natural progression for what feels right to them, and this formula will establish itself over time. If you keep an open mind, value honesty, and stay true to yourself, the pieces will fall into place.

4. Has POF considered having relationship coach’s blog advice on the site?

POF does have a Resident Dating Coach to help inspire and mentor our singles – Sarah Gooding! Here’s a few of her videos:

POF Advice Series for Men - How-to Improve your Profile

POF Advice Series for Women - How-to Improve your Profile

5. Is it possible to 'fall" for someone you have never met but have skyped with, chatted, talked on the phone with before meeting in person? Are those feelings real or an illusion? How can someone tell the difference?

People can absolutely fall for each other online and through communicating on different platforms before meeting face to face. If someone feels they love someone without meeting first, we are in no position to tell them otherwise! Sometimes connecting online can be a very powerful whirlwind. That’s why we always suggest meeting offline as soon as both parties are comfortable to solidify the bond. When we meet in person it becomes much easier to visualize a future together if it’s in the cards!