Rachel Maddow Is Not An 'Angry Young Man' — And Neither Am I

lesbian couple

How a homophobic comment by a public figure can have a far-reaching and devastating effect.

Dan Savage began the "It Gets Better Project" to tell America’s LGBT youth that, though coming out of the closet is an ominous task, their quality of life will improve significantly over time. The problem, however, is that part of the reason the homosexual lifestyle does become more tolerable with age is that we become accustomed to hearing statements like Macke's. We become hardened to the negativity because it’s part of our daily lives. No, I no longer face the threats of getting physically harassed, nor do I have to walk around being tormented to my face, as I did high school, but I still have to endure hearing about my idols being slandered solely based on their sexual orientations, as well as being called an "angry man-hater" just because I find it inappropriate for random men to ask me about my sex life — and I have the nerve to say so.

What Macke failed to realize is that, by taking a jab at Maddow, she opened the door to bullies and told young lesbians that if they express strong opinions, they'll be knocked down. I'm a testament to the fact that it does "get better," even as certain public figures remain an obstacle for LGBT youth to overcome.