Why Keira Knightley May Stay 'Permanently Engaged'

Why Keira Knightley May Stay 'Permanently Engaged'

The 27-year-old actress may never slip on a wedding ring next to her engagement ring.

Keria Knightley became engaged to fiancé James Righton, the keyboardist for London-based new rave the Klaxons, in March. And though Keira and James want to spend the rest of their lives together, Keira may not be partaking in the actual wedding-part of forever.

In a recent interview with Allure, the sought-after British actress opened up about her body image, but remained almost entirely mum about her relationship. Notoriously a private person when it comes to her romantic life, Keira dropped a few hints about her engagement and wedding planning (or lack thereof). FoxNews noted that in the interview Keira expressed that she was nervous about how the media would cover her wedding, and that because of her anxiety surrounding this, she may just decide to stay "permanently engaged!"

But her fiancé can go ahead and breathe, because the statement, of course, was likely just a lighthearted joke on the heavy media attention surrounding celebrity weddings.

Keira also added that she thinks media attention will only get nastier and more regular as she ages. "It’s very, very hard on women who get older ... I can say that when I'm 27, you know. Talk to me when I’m 37." 

She was of course referring to media attention surrounding Hollywood women and how the very natural changing of their physiques tends to draw negative articles and critical photographs. 

Though, we seem to think it's hard at any age in Hollywood. Lindsay Lohan is around Keira's age and is criticized often, granted, she's not treating her body very well. But what about the scrutinizing of Jessica Simpson's body during and after her pregnancy? Jessica is just 32. And Adele? Only 24! And then what about Meryl Streep? She's 63 and is rarely put under a harsh spotlight. Maybe the public heat does get hotter as you get older, but it can also burn pretty bad when you're young.

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