POF.com: Markus Frind on Converting Digital Dating to 3D Dating


Quick tips to make an online wink into an offline hello

How did Alex and Aggie go from POF.com to CaughtMy Fish.com? Being savvy with digital communications is a start. Making the most of a cyber wink takes technique and good messaging practices so your online pal wants to meet you. There are alot of people who vanish after a few IMs so making effective use of emails and chats can go a long way to converting a match to offline. Markus Frind, founder of POF.com, gives cyber tips worth using.

1. Are there clues in cyber flirting that indicate an honest versus a dishonest person?
We use electronic means to communicate with each other in so many facets of life nowadays – and this comfort level has allowed us to develop a pretty good radar for identifying red flags when communicating online. Regardless, sometimes it can be difficult to decode someone’s true intentions while behind a computer screen or mobile device. We always recommend bringing the connection into the real world as soon as you feel comfortable. If someone seems exceptionally reluctant to meet, or is asking personal information you may not feel comfortable sharing, take a step back and reevaluate.

2. Will you change the format of POF.com to reduce the potential of fakers who go on just to get attention but have no intention of actually meeting someone for a relationship?
At POF we go to great efforts to protect our users and ensure that the user experience is the best it can be. That said, we are always coming up with new ways to best educate and inform our users about how to put their best foot forward on the site, and trust their instincts. Our blogand advice videosare a few examples of resources for our users to reference.

3. Do you think cyber flirting encourages people to not be themselves since they can hide behind a screen? POF always encourages our users to be the best possible version of themselves – and that means being honest and truthful in their representations of themselves online and offline!

4. When is a good time to suggest meeting after a week of cyber flirting?
Should the man take the lead? The best time to arrange a meeting after any given period of communicating online is when it feels comfortable for both people involved. Usually if you are chatting online and seem to be really hitting it off, the next step is usually to speak on the phone, or go ahead and arrange a meeting right away!­ Being 2012, we don’t feel like the man should be expected to take the lead every time. If you are interested ladies, let him know!

5. Does posting photos of yourself with friends and family to show a day in your life increase the odds of getting responses?
Absolutely! We always recommend that people upload a photos of themselves that show their face and body from sometime in the last 6 months - people want to know what the person they are communicating with now looks like, not the person from 2 or 3 years ago! Choose images that show you having fun, being active, or participating in an something that interests you! That alone is a great conversation starter.Women with 8 images receive 5 times more messages than someone with no images, and women with 10 or more images receive 8 times the messages.

6. Are there particular greetings or replies that increase the odds of a positive response that can turn into an offline meeting?
In regards to contacting someone for the first time - stay away from generic greetings and one-word messages. If you are looking to engage in a real conversation with someone, read their profile and reach out to them by commenting on something that piqued your attention like mutual interests or experiences - and don't be afraid to ask questions!