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The right "bait" makes all the difference when fishing for a match

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For Alex and Aggie it all began with how they first made contact. Don't fool yourself, looks attract, but personality keeps. That's the difference between a 'keeper fish' and a 'catch and release' one. Alex was attracted to Aggie's picture but when he read her profile he knew he had to respond. It was how he responded to Aggie that started the road to a lifelong romance. First rule of thumb - read the person's profile instead of just hitting send after a 'cut and paste' message. Alex included comments that indicated he had read the full content of Aggie's profile. Hey, if you want the real thing, you must invest a quality effort. The result was a reply from Aggie that lead to a first in person meeting at Temple, a dance club in San Francisco, on the bride-to-be's birthday. So, was the conduit for the best birthday gift ever for Aggie!

Alex and Aggie were destined to be together. It just needed a technological cupid. When you see the couple in each others company it's just so obvious that its divinely meant to be. Even if you don't believe in fate you have to consider that some partnerships are just a perfect fit.It's hard to explain why. You have to see it to believe it. Once you meet couples like Alex and Aggie you are convinced that online dating sites like are 21st century digital cupids. Actually, POF Founder Markus Frind is technically a modern day cyber cupid for romances like Alex and Aggie.

When Aggie received Alex's first message the main thing that caught her eyes (and eventually her keeper fish) was Alex's personalized message. That was enough to catch her interest in wanting to meet him. Aggie at the time was seeing someone else who happened to also be at Temple the night she first met Alex. Aggie arrived at Temple with her date and a group of friends.Coincidentally, Alex had plans that week to be at Temple that night already even if kismet hadn't connected him online with Aggie. He had a friend visiting from his hometown of Baltimore who wanted to check out Temple. Alex recognized Aggie right away but didn't approach her at first. He was clear he was smitten though.Instead the former breakdancer put his best feet forward on the dance floor which Aggie definitely noticed. Shortly afterwards he two formally introduced themselves to one another. Right away their online spark turned into a "burning ring of fire" offline.

Lesson 1 from The message is the key. Show you are interested in the person. Read their profile and respond accordingly. Effort takes time but it is worth it. It can be the difference between a second of missed opportunity or a lifetime of being able to dance again with your soulmate. You have to clearly tell someone "I'm into you", no doubt about it.