Prelude to the Series


Republished from my column featuring Alex, Aggie, and

A new series, titled "" chronicles the success story of Alex and Aggie who met and are engaged to be married in the summer of 2013 thanks to ( Part of health and wellness are the mutual nourishing positive relationships we have with others. Online dating has gotten a bad rap recently and some people get depressed and blue because of their experiences.

A remedy or antidote to that is to focus on how those who found success created their happy ending. So if you want to go from to your own story, read on! Love is friendship that has caught on fire. In the case of Alex and Aggie's story, the digital cupid known as certainly provides evidence to the definition. What began as a wink or spark online has turned into an offline engagement for this pair of twin flames.

As online dating has become more mainstream the evaluation from online hello follows both similar and divergent paths to a mutual passion. Alex and Aggie are a case study on how it can work and why. The scalability of online dating may make it seem like there are plenty of human fish out there in the cyberspace sea. In reality all online dating does is amplify to an exponential number of romantic choices ... or does it?

If 1 out of every 5 men or women you meet in a bar are duds when it comes to online romance the ratio is more every 10 out of 12. The bad news is that the "riff raff" out there is multiplied by a million. Not everyone has the same intention when they log on to and a wink is not the same as a connection. Soulmates have to meet in person to recognize each other.