Have you ever wished you were a virgin again? Well, now you can.

Panty Parade / Off Go the Panties


Renewal. Refresh. Revive. Revving up those engines. I don’t know about you, but making an actual list helps me keep my goals and actually achieve something rather than simply get through the daily grind of whatever gets thrown my way. With a list I can plan for things I really want to do OR accomplish OR try on for size.

Over the next six months, I want to try on being a virgin all over again. That’s right—I want to do a whole shitload of things I’ve never done before and relive the experience of being a brand spanking newbie. I want to feel innocence again. I want to wonder. I want to explore the unknown.

Similar to the “fucket” list, this list can be sexual in nature, but it doesn’t have to be—the only rule is everything on the list has to give you that fresh, virginal feeling all over again because it’s something you’ve never tried before. Who’s with me?

1) Fire a handgun. Years ago in New Orleans I had a date ask me to hold his Glock in my lap while he rooted around in the glove box for who knows what, but that’s the closest I’ve ever been to a gun. Ideally, I would have a courtyard full of zombies to take down, but in reality I would be fine with a run-of-the-mill shooting range. Luckily for me, Damn Man has already agreed to help me take aim and fire.

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