Why We Love Jack Osbourne's Wife Lisa Stelly

Jack Osbourne & Lisa Stelly

Jack Osbourne and Lisa Stelly are not recognized enough for being amazing parents and a great team.

We seriously love Jack Osbourne and his new wife! Lisa Stelly went from supermodel to super-mom in seven months, and still looks hot! The 27-year-old gave birth just seven months ago to daughter Pearl and is already conquering motherhood like the catwalk!

"She made this huge transition from model and party girl to wife and unbelieveable devoted mom," an 'insider' told Us Weekly. Well she made the transition very smoothly so we think she must have really been ready to be a mom and wife. Stelly is very passionate about being a new mom and wants to share her knowlege with other mothers—she's taken to the web and launched a blog called [RaddestMom] because, according to sources, "she has literally read every book." We think it's smart to be prepared no matter what!

In the future, Stelly wants to move from being a mommy blogger to being a mommy novelist! "She would like to maybe write a book for first-time moms," the source said. But let's not forget Dad in all this! Jack Osbourne seems to be doing very well focusing on nurturing his newborn and protecting her, despite his own medical battles with multiple sclerosis. Back in May, Jack's older sister Kelly Osbourne vouched for his parenting skills. "He's so good with the baby," She said sounding a bit shocked! "It's unbelieveable." 

We can all agree that we love this couple, their committment to one another and their daughter! We also don't mind it if we learn a few things along their journey!

Do you think seven months is too soon to be mommy-blogging?

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