Get Hitched with Hussey: Becoming A High Value Woman (Part 3)

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How Matthew Hussey's "The Man Myth" was a turbo boost for one woman's confidence and love life.

Matthew Hussey, the British dating coach and creator of the "Get the Guy" dating system and "The Man Myth" seminar emphasizes confidence as a key element in attracting your dream man. For a Chicago pediatrician named Athena, it was Hussey's concept of being a High Value Woman that prompted her to rid her heart of a man who didn't respect her enough to treat her well. When Athena was "friends zoned" after a date with Calvin at a French Restaurant, she stayed in contact with him. It was a big mistake because it caused her to become blind to better options while gratifying Calvin's selfish ego. Once Athena's family and friends introduced her to "Get the Guy" and Matthew Hussey's coaching, the boost to her self confidence got her back on track.

As part of her emotional letting go, Athena wrote a letter to Calvin that expressed all the undelivered communication she was keeping inside. Athena addressed her letter to Calvin using his middle name Ronan in case it was found by the wrong person. The opposite of love is not hate, it is apathy. Athena wanted to release her attachment to Calvin so she could put her energy 100% into practicing the techniques in Hussey's breakthrough dating method. The following is Athena's letter, with she has given me permission to share:

Dear Ronan,

Choose me and me alone. Love me with all your heart. Want me as your one and only beloved. The way I want you. Love and adore me and honor me the way, Hugh Jackman loves his wife, which is truly madly deeply. Be with me because I'm the only one you see with love in your heart, eyes and soul. I want it all or nothing at all. Again, love me with all of your heart and never release me. Like the song goes, hold me, thrill me, love me. I will never desire another so I want someone who will never desire another either. Only have eyes for me. Treat me as your prize and be with me forever. Be willing to pledge your love to me in front of family and friends and community. Love me the way I deserve and demand to be loved. For every affection and devotion you give me, I will give equal or greater measure to you. Be with me only if your soul and I and heart lights up at the very mention or thought of me. Just like how men with their true love do. Pursue me, work to win me, and you will earn the treasure of my heart. Treasure me for your whole life because I will treasure you for yours. Only be with me if these conditions can be met on your own free will for I want you to freely choose me ... for no other reason than you choose me. If I am your number one you will have the privilege to be in my life forever. You must be free to take me as your own. I must know if you are worthy to be given my whole heart. I just need to be sure that it will be safe and honored and protected in your hands. Most of all, respect and cherish and desire just me as the most precious person in your life. For that would be whom you would be to me. If you can say yes to all this than I am yours. If not, I will pledge myself to the one who can and to whom I forever belong to. Athena