Get Hitched with Hussey: The Man Myth (Part 2)


How Matthew Hussey's "The Man Myth" online seminar took a woman out of the "Friends Zone"

Mercedes made it her mission to schedule Athena's social calendar to be occupied every night so she would get out and date or meet a potential date from 6 PM to 8 PM. Mercedes would select a spot and Krisa would take her sister Athena there. The key was for Mercedes to find places where it would be a mixed crowd with enough men in the right age range, and offered a fun social atmosphere. Krisa also applied her way with makeup artistry to ensure that Athena always looked her best. So, on November 1, just 6 weeks after starting her self-study project with Matthew Hussey's "Get the Guy" system, Athena's romantic prospects had blossomed into an abundance of better options than Calvin. She also saw the beauty and prize that she was whom we always knew she was. When I got off the phone with her on Halloween nigh, she declared to me that she had met her own personal Adonis in Dr. Stellios. Then she said she had no idea what she was thinking when she was stuck on Calvin. OPA! Cupid struck again!

The key to this happening so quickly for Athena and resulting in a happy series of events was decisive, consistent right action. Mercedes and I both watched Hussey's online modules at the same time as Athena. We did not implement any of the "Get the Guy" coaching techniques because our focus was getting Athena's heart turned off of Calvin and onto somebody who deserved it. So no wonder only Athena is now walking on Cloud nine. Wunderbar! Merci Beaucoup Monsieur Hussey! For now Mercedes and I are anticipating that in a few months we will be going to a traditional Greek wedding on the island of Skorpios. Love Love Love!

Another thing that Athea shared with me were two letters she wrote in her journal while she digested the concepts in "The Man Myth" modules. Writing the letters were not actual assignments in the seminar. Athena just felt compelled to write them in a journal. One letter was written for Calvin. The other was written for the man who she said would be worthy of her heart. The letters were never meant to be sent. Athena wrote them as a way of purging herself from a losing situation with Calvin. Coincidentally, Athena wrote both letters on October 1, which was a few days after she started learning the "Get the Guy" system. Athena did not meet Dr. Stellios until October 10 when she and her sister attended a Greek Heritage Club dinner party in Boston. Synchronicity seemed to be at work because the only person at this mixer who was from Chicago was Dr. Stellios.

The one thing that sticks out to Mercedes and I is the language that Athena used in her letters. Athena's choice of words clearly show a writer who is full of conviction, resolve, intention, and faith. Luckily Athena has given me permission to include both letters verbatim in this article. Since she never planned to actually send them, Athena decided to call Calvin by his middle name, which is Ronan. This was a tactic of hers because she was worried that they would be found by the wrong hands.