Get Hitched with Hussey: British Dating Coach Helps Get the Guy


How the "Get the Guy" attraction method turned around a love life in 6 weeks.

Hitch lives! The Will Smith character from the movie "Hitch" does exist. His name is Matthew Hussey and he is the wunderkind behind the groundbreaking "Get the Guy" dating and attraction system. The program is a series of body language and interpersonal social skills training that accelerates a woman's ability to send the right signals to a man of her interest. It is an attraction system that makes any woman approachable to any man who reciprocates. Hussey was one of the matchmakers featured on the NBC show "Ready for Love" in 2012. His rapid rise to fame as a modern love miracle worker began when he started coaching women in the UK on how to gain the confidence and acquire the competence to achieve their relationship goals at an accelerated pace. One woman who followed his method attracted her dream guy  just seven days. Hussey's program seems to be the real deal. He receives wedding invitations on a regular basis.

The miracle ingredient in Hussey's formula is being a high-value woman. A high-value woman is one who has a lifestyle and attitude and exudes the kind of body language and ease in her own skin that entices a man to want to join her life and never let go. Sounds too good to be true? The only way to make up your mind if this statement is accurate is to try his system out yourself. Hussey has a YouTube channel, a book due out in spring 2013, and has taken his popular seminar online. Now, you need not go to London to learn the techniques behind this highly sought after successful seminar. Thanks to modern technology, women serious about being a committed relationship can sign up for an introductory membership to "The Man Myth" for $29.99 and watch the modules on their laptop. The key is to put his techniques into practice from day one and keep doing the excercises until you have perfected them. After the first introductory month, subsequent monthly membership rates are only $69.99. Overall, it's a lot more cost effective and accessible than buying a subscription or hiring a matchmaker. Hussey has a system with a return on investment (ROI) that makes it in demand and priceless.

Hussey's biography states that he grew up with women. These women were friends and family. What bothered him was seeing how those females he cared and respected, allowed men to treat them as less than the prize person they were. His seminar evolved from his commitment to teaching women how to demand respect from their significant others. What will make the system work for you is conviction and having a full undivided attention for results. In fact this is why Hussey has become an international dating guru. His clients are lit up by his passion that they take on their love lives with such focus it radically alters.

Like many other consumers and journalists, I was convinced that Hussey was just another dating hustler preying on vulnerable female emotions. The dating industry is very big business. There is a course, workshop or book on every corner. The plethora of material on the market right now is contradictory and at  times misleading. At the end of the day, statistical results both qualitative and quantitative are the two litmus tests of value for any type of dating system aimed at giving you the tools to have the love life you want. Mathematically, it seems that Hussey's clients found love at far above average rates in their sector.

Matthew Hussey came to my attention through my girlfriend Mercedes in Toronto. I am very close friends with Mercedes and her cousin Athena in Chicago. Mercedes learned of Hussey from colleages in London. Hussey's coaching philosophy came at the right time because both Mercedes and I were very concerned about Athena. Athena was head over heels in attraction and fondness with a man who just wanted to be her friend. With Mercedes in Toronto and I in San Francisco, we needed to find something that could break the spell of Athena's crush. Since Mercedes and I were opposite ends of the North American continent, our pleas to Athena to let this cad named Calvin go for good was not working. We pleaded with her for months. Mercedes spoke to Athena till she was blue in the face. So did I. Athena, a beautiful and brilliant pediatrician was simply stuck on Calvin, who had a girlfriend. Calvin took Athena out on a "date" on a Thursday and then the following Tuesday told her he was not interested or found her attracted and decideed to get serious about someone else. Calvin did the devious thing by telling Athena he wanted to still be friends. She bit the poision bait and fell into a heartbreaking friends zone.

Mercedes decided to contact me about Matthew Hussey's attraction system and together we decided to get an membership for Athena as a gift on her birthday this past summer September 27. Mercedes had done her research on Hussey after learning of him from British friends by reading several British magazines with article on his "Get the Guy" system. Mercedes and I  plotted to break Athena free from the emotional handcuffs of Calvin. We knew that she was way too impressed by Calvin.

Keep in mind that Mercedes and I completely understood why Athena was smitten by Calvin in the first place. He was a Chicago law enforcement officer who looked like the actor Eddie Cahill of the TV show CSI: New York. Calvin, to his credit, was the typcal hot and hunky athletc type. With his dark brown eyes and thick black hair he definitely had the kind of classic masculinity that Athena had always preferred. Unfortunately, Calvin did not see Athena as the Goddess she is. So when Mercedes and I surprised Athena with her membership to the "Get the Guy" system known as "TThe Man Myth" she was offended.So we had to negotiate with her. If it didn't help, we would send her to a luxury spa for a two-week excursion on a resort in Greece as a Christmas gift.

In reality, Miranda and I didn't have the funds to fulfill that promise so we knew we had to strategize. Mercedes would make sure Athena watched the modules every day and implemeted it. We also got memberships for ourselves.  This way we could reinforce Hussey's techniques properly to Athena. I'd watch the modules here in San Francisco and act as accountability coach for Athena. She had to meet five new guys a day. Mercedes would be her social secretary and plan her daily itinerary to keep her socially involved in the eligible singles scene in Chicago. Mercedes enlisted Athena's sister Krissa, who lives just five minutes away, to be her wingwoman out on the town every night in the Windy City. Athena was ordered to use Chicago's night life as a lab to put into practice everything that Hussey taught in the modules.

Athena resisted for the first week but Mercedes and I were committed to her finding a man who would return her feelings in equal or greater measure. The first week was really was a struggle but by the second week and beyond, Athena hit her stride. Long story short Athena became so busy finding a new date every day from eligible men on the subway, shopping centers, the street, and everywhere in between. The result was that she wasn't thinking of Calvin anymore once her options grew exponentially. Naturally this also meant that Athena stopped being in commmuiccation with Calvin because she was on dates or meeting other men. By Columbus day on October 13, Athena had "apple of her eye".

His name is Stellios and like is a fellow doctor, a heart surgeon at that, who is also of Greek heritage, similar inage, never married and no kids, and totally available to her. Most important in this candidate for Athena's heart was the fact that he was head over heels into her the moment they met.

Ironically, at the same time Calvin started initiating more contact with Athena but she returned his calls less often and took longer to reply. The same thing also happened when Calvin sent an e-mail. It was not a conscious decision from Athena to take so long to respond back to Calvin. She just was not available to the man who didn't realize in time that she was a catch. CUalvin's girlfriend is just as beautiful and a prize in her own right. She is not the issue. The issue was calvin using Athena's crush on him to selfishly boost his ow ego without any consideration for her feeling. What a narcissist! Athena was busy enjoying being the object of affection being seriously pursued by a handsome doctor.

By US election day on November 6, Calvin sent Athena a text message that he had ended his relationship with his blonde bombshell girlfriend out of the blue. Athena read his message and planned to respond when she was back from a spontaneous trip to Montréal with Stellios. That same day also included a series of e-mails from Calvin that literally begged Athena to go out with him. What was interesting was how the frequency of e-mails from Calvin during Athena's trip to Montréal, revealed that he was e-mailing her every hour on the hour for six straight hours on a Tuesday night. Calvin's last e-mail was the most telling. In an ironic twist and paradox of fate, Calvin told Athena he wanted to date her and now had romantic feelings. Unfortunatley for Calvin, it was now his turn to  be in the friend zone. This 180 degree turn all happened in just six weeks thanks to Matthew Hussey's coachng via his online pre-recorded seminar.