Are Men Turned Off By Watching Childbirth?


One new dad swore off sex for a year after watching his wife deliver.

Giving birth: By most accounts, not the most glamorous thing in the world. Sure, you get to bring home an amazing bundle of joy and the whole process is pretty much a miracle, but there's also the epidurals, momentary loss of dignity and — I'll say it — placentas.

Oh well, at least we know no one's judging you in this vulnerable moment, right? Wrong, if you ask one poor woman in London whose husband claims he was so grossed out by the icky reality of watching his son get born that he swore off sex with his wife for an entire year. And to make matters worse, he blogged about it.

How does she feel about all of this? (Well, how would you feel?) Find out how she and our friends over at The Stir responded to this frank declaration of disgust: Men Turned Off By Watching Women Give Birth Are Not Good Husbands

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