Why Use a Gay Cockring?


Product blog reviewer delving on male enhancer products and sex toys.

Technically, there’s no such thing as a gay cockring, because your good ol’ penis ring will go whichever way you go. But no one can dispute that straight men are not the only ones at the forefront of the revolution of cock and balls toys (CBT), the most famous of which are probably cockring products. In fact, gay men are well ahead of their heterosexual counterparts, catching the wild, wild buzz as early as the ‘80s!

Perhaps the major reason for this leading place of gay men in cockring use is that any form of erectile dysfunction – which a top-quality penis ring can help address – will much more profoundly affect those whose main sexual expression is anal sex. It’s a given that a penis much be and stay rock-hard in order to successfully penetrate and butt-fuck not just a woman, but also another man! Additionally, issues of your volcano erupting too early become more magnified in anal sex, because the sphincter or the asshole is usually quite tight.

All these factors mean that members of the gay community require a higher, more sophisticated penis function level, so innovation becomes the norm. Gay men are right about pursuing the range of benefits offered by cockrings, which are guaranteed aplenty. Straight couples are known to utilize these mechanical toys these days, but it’s safe to say that greater gains are in store for gay men who want to make love better and more creatively!

What to Know About This Hardwearing Guy’s Weapon

A not-so-appetizing fact: the oldest-known cockring, which was found in China, was made of goat’s eyelids. This nearly-disgusting creation, well over 300 years old now, has evolved into something far more desirable to wear, with additional features like a built-in vibrator and prostate massager for the ultimate ring experience ever to be recorded in sex history.

A number of cock rings resemble medieval torture devices, but these are mostly for design and still serve to constrict the male genitalia to enhance pleasure and improve erection and let you have greater control over your ejaculation. You can choose from a range of numerous materials, such as leather penis rings that are a sexy thing to put on. They are also those who easy-release mechanism and adjustable straps, plus different looks that makes you a star of the dick party.

Additionally, there are rubber or silicone rings that are stretchy and easy to clean, plus offering a great fit. Metal cock rings are a sought-after variety, since they provide the heavy-duty feel and boasts of a fit that agrees with the male anatomy when it needs to be engorged.

The Cock Ring Advantage – Revealed

Working by virtue of mechanical penis-targeted approach to solving your male sexual woes, cock rings apply constriction on key pressure points on the male genitalia.

They slow the climb of sexual tension, and then prolong and intensify your “edge” – the highly sensitive point right before orgasm, a window when you can back off from rapid ejaculation and have fun with more sexual peeks. Your ring will also inhibit semen passage through the vas deferens and in the urethra through delaying. Finally, they inhibit the contractions in your urethra that propel ejaculation through resisting external pressure.

The adult toy market – as vast, thriving, and full of buzz as it is – offers plenty of opportunity for creative and extreme play in the bedroom. A gay cockring is no exception: it affords further exploration of your own power drill, so that you’re in best shape and element when it counts, ie. some intense backdoor penetration! Your ring can be served chilled, too, for temperature play that’s not one to miss.