Weird News: Nude Dude Sticks His Nose Into Nuptials

naked man
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Somewhere in America a naked man has interrupted a wedding. For shame.

We keep hearing more and more about weddings being interrupted by boozy shenanigans and ending with the wedding party sleeping it off in the jail with aching heads, scraped knuckles and bruised egos.

Digital Spy has a different kind of interrupted wedding (with video). Just as things were getting underway, a naked fellow opened a window behind the pastor and jiggled his dingle at the lucky couple and the guests. After a few moments of silliness, the bride had enough and a husky guest marches toward the naked interloper.

While this probably won't end up being as popular as that couple who danced to Chris Brown's "Forever," a good flasher wagging his junk at the wedding party and congregation will make anyone who skipped the ceremony and went straight to the reception either mildly relieved or very mad (depending if they have a sense of humor). While we don't know anything about the couple other than the woman has a touch of a southern accent, we can accept the following takeaways:

1) The couple completed and consummated the wedding. To paraphrase Mark Twain, clothes make the man; nude people have little to no impact on society.
2) The flower girls may be scarred (and scared) for life as you should be 18 before you have to see helicopter d*ck.
3) The flasher wasn't screaming "Mrs. Robinson!" It didn't seem like the bride had any intention of leaving her bald bridegroom.
4) People don't faint like they used to when something shocking happens. It's lucky because the maid (or matron) of honor was a big girl, it's unlucky because a lot of American fortunes were made by selling fainting couches.
5) This *may* have been a hoax. The camera, the priest's head and the man's groinal location are almost all in perfect alignment. Maybe this is a viral promo for NBC's The Real Wedding crashers.

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