How To Get Him To Do Anything For You


This simple trick will motivate your guy to do anything you want.

Here is a common relationship scenario that any woman who has ever been in a relationship has most likely experienced.   

Your guy isn't doing something you want him to do (and know he's capable of doing), you call him out  on it, he withdraws and not only does he not do the thing you asked, he may even do the opposite. 

For instance, let's say a guy was a texting machine in the beginning of the relationship and then as  the relationship progressed, the number of daily texts started to drop.   

The girl really misses the good old days of constant texts. She knows he's capable of it, she's unhappy that he no longer does it, so in her mind, the logical thing to do  is say something to him about it.  So she says, "Why don't you text me all the time like you used to?" thinking that she's sending her message  loud and clear, and she is, right? (More: Why Guys Don't Text Back).

Wrong. When she says this to a guy, he feels like a failure. He feels like he isn't living up to her expectations and as a  result, he feels defeated. A man wants to give and provide for you, men are just wired that way. When he feels like he's incapable of meeting your needs, he feels like a failure as a man. It may not even be a conscious on his part. It's a feeling that emerges beneath the surface and manifests as him  withdrawing or continuing to do the thing that bothers you.

So what's the solution?

It's pretty simple and if you can master it, you will never again feel frustrated by your man. The solution is to empower him by encouraging the kinds of behaviors on his part that make you happy  and make you love and desire him, rather than demanding him to be a certain way and pointing  out the ways in which he's failing to make you happy.  If a man feels that his girl respects, appreciates and can happily receive what he has to give, he will do anything to keep her happy.

So how do you do this? Well this is the tricky part. It isn't about something you should say or do in order to get him to do what you want. That's just manipulative and if that's the place you're coming from, he'll sense it and he'll be outta there.

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