How Will Kim Kardashian's New Sex Tape Affect Kanye?

Kim and Kanye

Would it affect your relationship if a sex tape featuring your beau leaked (again)?

In 2007, the (reality) world changed when a tape leaked of Kim Kardashian and boyfriend at the time Ray-J getting it on. Apparently though, there is much more to see. Almost six years later, another tape is for sale and it doesn't come at a cheap price. So, do you think this will affect Kim's current relationship with Kanye West, or will he just write a song about it?

"It's definitely Kim in the video," a source told The Daily Star. "And it's even raunchier than her last one. There are all kinds of eye-popping moments."

The new video, that the Kardashian family is doing all they can to block from being sold, is going for a whopping $300 million. Although the family did not authorize the release of the first tape, then ended up reaching a settlement and Kim received millions in profits from its sales. So, the 32-year-old got famous from a sex tape, and now, because she's famous, can control the release of the next? How ironic.

So, would this bother you enough to let it affect your relationship? We don't blame the 35-year-old rapper, who started dating Kim earlier this year, for being slightly skittish, although his sex-tape record isn't exactly empty either. However, it's hard to even think of the one you love having sex with someone else, let alone seeing it on tape!

Tell us: how would you feel if a sex-tape released of your significant other and his or her ex?

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