Late-Night Bromance: Denzel Braves Hurricane Sandy For Letterman

Denzel Washington

Hurricane Sandy couldn't keep 'Hurricane' star Denzel Washington, away from David Letterman!

The show must go on! David Letterman wasn't afraid of Hurricane Sandy and decided to tape the show without an audience yesterday despite the bad weather. Cracking weather-related jokes throughout the show like "I haven’t seen people soaked this badly since the Facebook IPO," he was also joined by Denzel Washington!

What was even better about the no audience moment in television was when Denzel Washington appeared on stage in a yellow rain slicker ready for Hurricane Sandy, with the Bob Dylan hit "Hurricane" playing in the background. Promoting his new film Flight, the 57-year-old star explained that he "swam" to the show. "Only for you, Dave," he said of his trip from LA to NY. Aww. Are these two a bromance in the making?

Unlike Letterman who has been linked to numerous sex scandals, Washington is happily married. However, their chemistry on stage proves that these two would be the best of friends! Where Washington is romantic and respectful, Letterman is completely wild. Washington is reserved and Letterman likes to roll out the humerous punches from time to time.

So, what do you think? Are these two a match made in bromance heaven?

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