Victoria Justice On Why 'Fun Size' Is The Perfect Date Movie!

Victoria Justice

The Nickelodeon star tells us why her new movie is perfect for a date for a couple at any age!

What do you think is the most romantic teen film of all time?
I’m a huge John Hughes fan, so I’m going to say, Pretty in Pink or Sixteen Candles. Who can resist Molly Ringwald kissing Andrew McCarthy at the end of Pretty in Pink or her getting the big birthday kiss at the end of Sixteen Candles. I think a generation of women thought these were the romantic moments we needed to have in real life.

You’ve been working since you were a kid. How did you fall in love with acting and singing?
I’ve worked since I was eight, which wasn’t the norm for girls growing up in Hollywood, Florida. I was close to South Beach and Miami. It all started for me when I saw a kid in a commercial one day. Then I started bugging my mom to be on TV. Music was also a big part of my life. My actual start was doing commercials for the Gap, Guess and Ralph Lauren. Then I expanded into TV and film after my mom took me to LA. The rest is history.

Any hints when we can hear new music from you?
I’m done with Victorious, but we’re releasing another soundtrack. More than anything, I’m really looking forward to releasing my own music. I’ve spent so much time being the artist I had to be for Nick. I didn’t have much control over the music videos, which was frustrating at time although I thought the music was great. Now, I just want to be me and not have anyone else influence me. I want to write music from the heart.

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