Victoria Justice On Why 'Fun Size' Is The Perfect Date Movie!

Victoria Justice

The Nickelodeon star tells us why her new movie is perfect for a date for a couple at any age!

All Victoria Justice wants to do these days is have some fun. The 19-year-old actress, singer-songwriter and dancer deserves it. Working since age 10 on the Nickelodeon series Zoey 101 and Victorious, Justice now stars in the film Fun Size about a young woman who has to keep track of her little brother during a night out—Halloween. The film also stars Johnny Knoxville, Chelsea Handler and Josh Pence. You can also catch her latest song “Countdown” on iTunes.

So, does the Hollywood, Fl. native have time for a personal life?

“It’s tough,” says Justice during an interview from Time Out Chicago Kids. “All I know is that a guy who is smart and kind is the total deal.” Who on screen is the total deal? “I’m partial to Joseph Gordon Levitt and Robert Pattinson. Who wouldn’t want to do a love scene with either of them?”

So, we had to ask her to see what was next.

When you’re someone who is super busy is there any time for a private life? And what do you like to do to unwind with someone else?
You have to make time for yourself. My idea of a great day out is a nice long bike ride or going to a basketball game. It’s good to do something active.

How do you know if someone is kind?
For instance, I’m a little sick right now. I came down with a really bad cold last night and my head starting hurting. I need someone to bring me some zinc and hot tea! That’s the true mark of kindness.

In Fun Size, you have to deal with losing your little brother during a night out that reminded me of Adventures in Babysitting. What was the best part of doing this lead role?
It’s my first leading role in a really big studio film, which was really exciting for me. The script was funny throughout and the whole premise seemed fresh to me. Fun Size is a Halloween comedy and a great date film for people of all ages. It’s hard to find a film for a date that’s funny and that boy men and women, young and older will enjoy. This is that film.

What was it like to work with Chelsea Handler who plays your mom?
She’s amazing. We don’t have a lot of scenes together after my character goes off on her crazy journey. Chelsea’s character does her own thing and we meet up later. Both of us wanted to be really professional during out scenes. We made sure we had our lines down. Everyone assumes that when you work with Chelsea, it’s all craziness and cracking jokes. The truth is she’s very chill and very normal. It wasn’t a big laugh fest. I did just go on her show and Chuy, her little sidekick, dressed up like my character Wren.

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