How to Change Your Relationship Status From Desperate to Dating


Sometimes a change in attitude can be the precursor to the change in your relationship status.

The homeless men and women had created a growing, cardboard village, and it was making headlines. The news article told the story of the men, women, and children who were living in these makeshift homes. The article grabbed my heart as it explained how these children lived without some of the most basic needs, such as running water. The article ended with a list of supplies. That was it! I could sit at home on Valentine’s Day and feel sorry for what I was missing in my life – or I could get up and do something good for someone less fortunate than me.

A friend and I packed my truck with food, water, and needed supplies. I made some old-fashioned construction paper hearts to place on the items and headed down to the homeless village. We dropped off the stuff, complete with a Valentine’s Day box of chocolates. The group was very happy to see us. I had an old tarp that someone had given me that had the paper hearts taped to it, wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s day. A woman ran up and picked up the tarp. She was delighted as she gushed, “oh, thank you…I needed a new roof!”

The gratitude I felt from the homeless people was immeasurable. A simple act of giving someone an old tarp that cost me nothing completely changed my day. I went home to my vacant apartment. There were still no chocolates, no flowers, and no man to sweep me off my feet. My apartment was empty, but I felt full. I had a warm glow that originated from inside me. I felt connected with the universe. I had done something good for someone else without any expectation for anything in return. But I did get a return, and it was much more than I could have ever bargained for. That simple act of human kindness made me feel wonderful. I believe that it also made one of those tiny incremental changes in my picker that allowed me to see myself in a new and brighter light. – Dawn Maslar [except from Heartbreak to Heart’s Desire Developing a Healthy GPS (Guy Picking System)].