Job Alert: YourTango Is Looking For A Celebrity Editor!

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Do you virtually tailgate the stars for the latest scoop? You're in luck! We're hiring!

Are you a pop culture junkie who virtually tailgates the stars for the latest scoop? You're in luck! We're hiring!, the digital leader in love and relationships, is seeking a full-time Associate Celebrity Editor to join our New York staff as soon as possible. This person will be a key member of the rapidly-growing website's content team.

Duties will include:

  • Managing a team of freelance writers who contribute to the Celeb Love blog, which covers the latest news and gossip in celebrity love lives, hot celeb trends, and more.
  • Assigning, writing and editing posts, as well as hiring new writers.
  • Producing posts and slideshows in Drupal, our content management system
  • Helping the Audience Development Manager maintain partnerships with partner websites
  • Managing interns
  • Overseeing our daily newsletter
  • The ideal candidate will also have expertise with Google Analytics and will be responsible for overseeing YourTango's active use of analytics to make content decisions

Requirements for this position:

  • 3+ years of experience working in online media
  • The ability to write hugely clickable heds and cook up creative, compelling ideas for celeb-related content
  • Experience managing a stable of freelancers 
  • Expertise and active use of digital technologies from SEO to social media to the latest trending tools
  • Knowledge of content management systems
  • Image-editing experience, basic knowledge of Photoshop
  • Detail-oriented, with experience editing others' work & the ability to both write and edit clean, compelling copy on deadline
  • A lively and engaging writing voice
  • A love of all things celeb — you voraciously consume celeb-related media and know what's happening with celebrities in real time — from emerging starlets to the A through D-listers!

Please send cover letter, clips and resume to

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