Key Differences Between Men and Women

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Key differences between men and women that are at the heart of most relationship issues.

There are many differences between men and women, both in the way we're designed physically and the way we process things emotionally. And I'm sure you've noticed that the way we view relationships is also very different.

While the differences may seem vast, they're pretty simple when you break it down, so let's do it! I want to preface this by saying that I know there are exceptions, but for the sake of clarification, I'm going to be speaking about the way men and women are in general.

In general, the appeal of a relationship for a women is the relationship. Women naturally gravitate towards the idea of marriage and it's something that usually has great appeal. An ideal relationship for a woman is one where she feels understood and connected to her significant other and for her, communication is essential. An ideal man is one who truly understands her. (MORE: Why Guys Get Married)

The ideal relationship for a man is one where he gets to feel like the man. Men don't have the same need to understanding as women do. Rather, men like to feel acknowledged, respected, and appreciated.

Men typically enjoy the role of being givers, so for a man, the ideal woman is one who can happily receive and there is nothing sexier or more appealing to him than a happy woman who appreciates everything he has to offer. While men love to give, they don't always know what it is you need and most relationship problems arise from basic communication malfunctions where a woman goes about trying to tell a man what she needs in the wrong way. (MORE: How to Express What You Need Without Sounding Needy").

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