Our Favorite Celebrity Couple Halloween Costumes


By Nisha Ramirez for CupidsPulse.com

As a child, Halloween is all about trick o treating and competing for the title of candy ghoul. As a single adult, Halloween means being voted best costume at your Halloween monster bash. As a couple, Halloween is about finding the perfect costumes that will showcase your partnership and as a celebrity couple, Halloween is all about stepping out as a duo without a budget. Check out our favorite celebrity couple Halloween costumes for inspiration this All Hallows Eve:

1. Kelly Brook and Thom Evans: UK model, Kelly Brook, and her rugby star beau, Thom Evans, took a huge bite out of their celebrity couple Halloween costume competition. The pair dressed up as Edward and Bella from Twilight and we have to say, their look was so spot on that it was down right frightening!

2. Christina Aguilera and ex husband Jordan Bratman: Were Aguilera and Bratman’s corpse bride and groom costumes spooky foreshadows of the celebrity couple’s fate? After stealing the show in their zombie nuptial outfits, Aguilera filed for divorce in 2010. Even though we loved the ex couple’s Halloween costumes, it seems their marriage was as cold and dead as they were.

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3. Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo: Before the pair were happily married with a baby on the way in 2012, the singer and MTV VJ, attended a Bel-Air Halloween party in 2009 as Frankenstein and his bride. Thank Dracula, Minnillo chose to skip the Frankenstein bride hair for their wedding in 2011.

4. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon: These two love-birds are as sweet as a bag of Halloween candy and…cookies. Before they were proud parents of twins, Carey dressed up as a box of Famous Amos cookies and of course, Cannon was her carton of milk- a perfect treat.

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5. Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof: This celebrity couple is best known for their work together on the creepy yet cool sitcom, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Since the two met on a TV set full of vampires and other ghouls, it was no surprise that the duo decided to try something a little more child friendly. Dressed up as Kangaroos complete with their daughter in Alyson’s Kangaroo pouch, we think this is the cutest Halloween costume ever.

6. Heidi Klum and Seal: When the two spilt in 2012, the world really was disappointed to see another Hollywood marriage fail and the fact that we would never see a Klum and Seal Halloween outfit again. Known for her huge Halloween bashes, Klum has convinced Seal to dress up as an ape, robot, and crow over the years. Oh, Klum and Seal, Halloween 2012 will be nothing without you.