'Ice Loves Coco' Star Coco Austin Opens Up About Life With Ice-T

Ice-T & Coco

Ice-T's wife Coco Austin gives us a sneak peek at the new season of E!'s 'Ice Loves Coco.'

For Coco Austin, being married to rapper-turned-actor Ice-T has been quite the ride. This year, her life took a surprising turn when she got offered the headlining spot on Las Vegas' Peepshow! With a hit reality series on E!, Coco is constantly busy and on the move. So we got her to spill some of her secrets—everything from keeping the romance alive with Ice and possibly having children to how she keeps her super-fit body and strong confidence. Be sure to find out everything she couldn't tell us on the premiere of Ice Loves Coco this Sunday!

Congratulations on landing the headlining spot in Las Vegas' Peepshow! How did you react when you got the call?
Thank you! When I first found out, it was weird! Of course, everyone was like 'you have to say yes!' I was excited but nervous too. You know, if I were in my early twenties and given any new opportunity, I'd say 'hell yes!' but when you're in your thirties, you don't say yes right away. I'm living in New York. My life is on the east coast. I've got a husband and I've got dogs! So I went back and forth with it. I'm so content right now and feel like I'm in the perfect spot in my life, so it was tough.

What was the toughest part about the decision?
Well, you'll see a lot of the back and forth on this upcoming season. But I will say—this is the first time I will be apart from Ice since we've gotten married. He's got to stay in New York for Law & Order. But I will be bringing my boys (puppies)!

Tell me about your relationship with Ice. You have been married for almost 12 years. What keeps the romance alive?
We communicate! I'm sure everyone says that, but it's true. You know how on the first date, you meet someone and then you're constantly talking. Sometimes in a relationship, that goes away after a while. We are constantly talking throughout the day. Our communication is just like the first day we met. Other than communication, it's important to still be flashy for each other! He was wearing a red snakeskin suit when I met him, and I was in a silver top! You don't have to dress up every day, but don't get too comfortable in a relationship where you never dress up or smell good for each other!

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