How My Boyfriend's Love Of Cooking Kicked My Takeout-Eating Butt

couple cooking
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Turns out stepping out of your culinary comfort zone can make your love life more fulfilling.

"Alright baby, ready?"

"For what?"

"Our chicken pot pie! It needs a couple more minutes though. I want a golden-brown crust on this s**t."

It's 9 p.m. on a Sunday. What does your boyfriend usually do on Sunday nights? Play video games? Catch up on work? Pick the lint out of his belly button? Mine is checking the oven right now to see how crispy his chicken pot pie is. On the way back to the bedroom in our small apartment (I'm in the living room), he flashes me the thumbs-up sign and a smile: It's almost ready, but not quite.

I'm sitting on the couch eating grapes for dinner, partly because my mouth is still sore from a bunch of dental work, and partly because I don't really give a crap about cooking right now: I have too much work to do.

This morning, after some enjoyable weekend lounging time in bed, he announced: "I'd like to make some pizza for breakfast today. What should I put on it?"

I rolled over and crinkled my nose at the thought of cooking. Meh. Why can't we just get bagels and coffee at the corner deli? But I played along. "Chocolate! Bananas! Make it a dessert pizza."

"That's not a sustainable meal first thing in the morning. Breakfast should be energizing."

Your idea of energizing food is eggs and bacon. "Okay, well, what were you thinking? Maybe some veggies?"

His eyes light up feverishly. "How about scrambled eggs, veggies and little bits of bacon?"

"That sounds great!" I mentally said farewell to my free time that morning. I would have been happy with a granola bar — or really anything, as long as there was lots of coffee involved — again, there were other priorities today.


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