4 Ways To Celebrate Halloween As A Couple

couple costume idea halloween

Celebrating Halloween as a couple can be so romantic!

By Courtney Allen for CupidsPulse.com

Halloween is the sweetest celebration of them all, but there are ways to make it even sweeter. Switch things up from all the Halloweens spent with your girlfriends thinking of ways to stock up on addicting Nestle chocolate goodies or endless Laffy Taffys and Sweet Tarts. Spending Halloween with your partner will end in out of the ordinary fun and leave you with the sweetest treat of them all. Embrace the spookiest night of the year with your man by planning a night that involves one or more of these activities:

1. Good ole trick or treating: If Halloween is known for anything, it’s trick-or-treating. Keep things traditional with your sweetie and go out for a fun night of trick-or-treating. Trick-or-treating with your man will be nothing like doing it with your best friends. Dress up as killer Chucky and his bloody bride or the infamous Bonnie and Clyde. Collect goodies with your other half until the AM, leaving just enough time to catch Jason and Michael Myers on your favorite movie channels while snacking on all your sweets and cuddling up to your man.

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2. Tour a haunted house: Nearly every city holds a haunted house come Halloween night. Be daring with your significant other and take a tour of a haunted house while getting spooked by the scariest Halloween characters. If you get too scared, grab hold of your honey’s hand and let him guide you through the seemingly cursed house. The goal is to make it out alive... but anything is possible with your man by your side.

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