3 Tips To Having Your Man Commit To Marriage


Getting a man to propose is a lot like riding a bull it takes a lot of time and patience

90% of women who try make it so clear they want to get married they end up chasing their man away leaving a man the choice with pulling away from the relationship.

Think back to when your were a child and you wanted something soooo bad, if you asked and asked for it your parents would get mad because they weren't ready for you to have it.

The more you asked your parents the more they would get mad, and upset with you telling you if you cap asking and not being patient that you would never get the thing you wanted so you better stop asking.

Your relationship is no different than you asking your parents for that toy or that piece of candy you wanted so bad your parents knew you wanted it but they weren't ready to give it to you yet.

Tip 1:

How To camouflage yourself, what does this mean?

Have you ever heard of a chameleon lizard? This little lizard is by far the best hunter in the woods, why does this lizard always get his food and get what he wants?

This little animal understands the purpose of camouflage in order to protect him self and so he can get what he really wants.

How can you adopt the same method that this little lizard does?

Right now you are wanting something, that your man clearly isn't ready for just yet... As of right now you are far from camouflage your man sees you with a wedding dress standing at the alter and it scares the "CRAP OUT OF HIM"

Your man will not commit to the relationship or even make the next step and propose to you while he views in the marriage mind set.

The lizard would never live as long as he does if he wasn't smart and blended in with his surroundings in order to get what he wanted.

The sane concept will work for you with your man, camouflage your feelings and your eagerness to getting married and your man will walk him self down the isle without any pressure from you..

The lizard wins every time because he waits and positions himself in the right place every single time.

Here is how to camouflage yourself Get your man to purpose

Tip 2:

Do Your Homework

For most women getting married was something they always dreamed about playing married with friends when they were little girls, thinking about prince charming sweeping them off their feet and getting married on the beach or in some amazing building...

For men it's never like that, a man sees marriage as work a head ache they view marriage as being stuck and not being FREE anymore but deep down inside they are meant to love and be husbands they just are rough around the edges.

A man has other male friends that aren't all about the married and commit life, women have other lady friends who can share the same dreams and wants about being loved and in a committed relationship.

For a women who has a man who is not making the move toward the next step, you need do your homework there is a good chance he is one of those guys who has a rough edge and isn't quick on the trigger to see the + side of a commit.

The best way to get your man moving forward to committing is to find other happy couples or married couples that love being married and love being together..

Your man needs another male role model that can show him that being in a commit is a great thing that there are a tons of perks and that your man can be shown the + side of a long term commit.

being around other couples who are happy and have been together a long time will help your man realize how great he has it and it will get him thinking more about a commit.

This little video helps with all of that... Watch it

Tip 3:

Play Date

Remember back in tip one we talked about being like the lizard and you working on camouflaging your self?
Now is the perfect time to put this in to work, after you have done your homework and found a great cool couple that the both of you connect with.

Once you and the new couple that you guys have met, have hung out for a little while, you should suggest time a part you and the women go have a day together and allow the two men to go do what they love together, it could be playing golf smoking cigars whatever it is allow them to spend alone time together.

here is why this is you camouflaging yourself by having the two boys hang out and have their time, it allows your man to open up more and speak his mind about commit things he wouldn't say in front of you.

This now gives his new male friend the chance to tell him the positive things about a commitment instead of your man's other guy friends who speak negative toward commit and marriage.

After your man has hung out with his new male friend he will have a completely different look on commit this could easily lead you standing at the alter a lot sooner than you ever thought.

Now your part isn't done yet you still need to learn more about your man and how to keep things going like this as long as it takes him till he commits...

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