Why Being Open-Minded Makes for a Great Relationship


Something as simple as being open-minded can do wonders for relationships of all types.

Many times women wish their significant others would take an interest in things that matter to them. However, it takes two to make a relationship work and if you haven't reciprocated that same need, it might be a reason why progress isn't being made. As adults, we are set in our ways and while it isn't fair for our partners to try and "change" us, it is helpful to be willing to compromise.

Being open-minded is a prime example of that. Although both genders can be guilty of being close-minded and/or not open to trying new things, women in particular sometimes have a more difficult time trying to tap into what their significant other values. Admit it, ladies, it's usually much easier to just shoot something down instead of making a concentrated effort to learn more about it.

Be Sincere

The key to bringing open-mindedness into a relationship for the better is to be sincere in the attempt. Being fake or going through the motions doesn't serve any purpose, nor will it make your fella feel like you truly care about the things he's interested in.

Make an Effort But Make It Work for You

Don't give a hoot about the things your man finds interesting? Try to dig deeper and approach the subject in a way that makes it interesting to you. It might be hard to believe, but many men enjoy explaining and sharing their knowledge about various topics/subjects with their women. So if there's something about your partner's interests that you don't get, say so. For the more oblivious women, it can be as simple as asking (in a nice way of course), "What is it about [insert activity/hobby/interest] that you like so much?"

For the more inquisitive, basic questions that require an explanation is a great way to generate new types of conversations where you're learning and he's sharing. Does your fella love horse racing? The next time he's watching the races on television or starts talking about things that excite him like the Breeders Cup live odds, jump in and ask what those concepts are. Why do they matter?

Really Listen

You know how good it makes you feel when your significant other listens to what you have to say so provide that same great feeling in return. When your sweetie starts breaking down the nuts and bolts of whatever they're talking about (sports, cars, boxing, hiking, etc.) work to comprehend what is being explained. Even if the subject isn't one you'd naturally gravitate towards on your own, having a foreign topic explained will engage you and who knows? You might even develop a new found appreciation for your partner's interest.


Don't just take in the info, put it to good use. No one says you have to become an avid fan of watching the UFC fights or become a guru that knows about the history of NASCAR but little efforts such as actually watching the game with your fella all speak volumes to him as to how much you care about sharing something together. Remember, don't just be there, be active. Sitting in silence as you and your parnter watch a boxing match is boring. Pick someone to root for, react when things happen, yell at the TV when something happens that you don't like. Those are the actions that will have your sweetie seeing you in a new light.

Being open-minded doesn't mean changing who you are or the things you like. It simply means learning to find appreciation in the things someone else finds of value and understanding how those interests contribute to the person they are. You'd be surprised by how much you can learn about the character of your significant other by taking note of what they like and why.