The RIGHT Way vs. The WRONG Way to Talk to Your Husband


All communication problems in marriage can be fixed by learning the right way to talk to your spouse

The cold hard truth is this: The most loving and adoring couple will NOT survive for long without learning the art of communication. Communication problems in marriage are exactly like cancer. Left untreated, they WILL eventually grow and kill your relationship. Communication problems in marriage are the root cause of ALL troubled marriages. Do you fight a lot with your husband? It’s caused by communication problems. Do you feel like your husband doesn’t listen to you and doesn’t care about issues that are important to you? Do you feel like he doesn’t “see you”? It’s communication problems. Does your husband ignore you? Is he mean to you? Did he cheat on you? It’s communication problems. Irreconcilable differences Sadly, though lack of good communication is the number 1 cause for ANY divorce, few people have the knowledge and skills (yes, it’s a skill!) to communicate with each other and especially in marriage. Believe it or not, marriage doesn’t have to be such hard “work” as it often feels, if you only acquire the right knowledge and learn the right way to communicate with your spouse. Please keep reading at the source -