Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake Are Married: Why We Love Them!

Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake

Jessica and Justin finally got married today in Italy, and we couldn't be happier.

Guests gathered in Italy this week for the much talked about wedding between singer Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. As my all-time favorite celebrity couple, I wanted to share why they are, indeed, the best couple ever.

While the two did spend a short period of time separated in 2011, the former N'Sync singer-turned-actor and his sexy actress wife have been together for five years. The two officially tied the knot after their ten-month engagement today October 19 in a somewhat-private ceremony they had tried to keep quiet. Of course, that didn't really work.

Looking back, we can remember Justin with his bleached blond curly hair from his singing days—back before he went solo—when every girl (including me) was drooling. We also remember a young Mary Camden, the always-in-trouble daughter on 7th Heaven where Jessica Biel rose to fame.

Together, these two compliment each other in various ways. Not only are they both super attractive and in amazing shape, they are also hilarious. Justin, 31, showed off just how funny he was in the Saturday Night Live bit that quickly became famous entitled "D*** In A Box" with funny-man Andy Samberg (who is in Italy to celebrate the upcoming wedding). Jessica's sense of humor showed in various movies like I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry and Summer Catch, but mostly on red-carpet events and in interviews, where she's constantly making fun of herself! The 31-year-old also makes jokes about her "obsession" with good friend, Jennifer Garner!

My favorite thing about these two is their adoration for one another. There isn't scandal or publicity stunts when it comes to their love. They love each other and seem to be kind-hearted, real people. Justin is even going to perform the N'Sync hit song "It's Gonna Be Me" at their wedding, as it is Jessica's favorite. Now that is adorable.

So, these two are rumored to have spent $2.6 million on their Italy wedding, and we think they deserve it. Ok, I could never imagine spending that kind of money on a wedding, but hey! They've got it! This is one wedding I wish I could have attended, especially with the star-studded guests in attendance, including former 7th Heaven star Beverly Mitchell, singer and producer Timbaland and former N'Sync member Chris Kirkpatrick.

Cheers to the cutest couple ever!

Tell us: who is your favorite celebrity couple?

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