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If relationships are made up of The Nagger and The Nagged, a new study revealing couples who share housework are more likely to divorce scores one for the latter category.

The study was done in Norway—a country known for exceptional health care and fjords, but evidently not men who are all that excited about doing housework—so it's not 100% translatable to American relationships. But, the point has been made time and again: Nagging? Not so great for relationships.

Of course when, as a woman, you're faced with a bag of trash that's been sitting by the back door... since yesterday when you originally asked your husband to take it out to the garbage can—it's really hard not to nag him to complete the task. In fact, it often feels like nagging is actually what gets him to do finally do it. If you're nodding your head in agreement, don't worry—you're not alone. We're pretty sure there's an early cave painting somewhere depicting a wife shaking her fist at her caveman husband to "Please stop dragging mammoth blood into the cave—for the millionth time!"

Whether you nag, are nagged or are the rare gem who lives a nag-free existence, we want to hear all about your coupled communication habits. How do you approach an argument? How long before you generally resolve a conflict? And when you argue, what is it usually about?

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