Hot Sauce Specialist Chris Ginder Shares Spicy Love Life Secrets


Who better would know about spicing up romance than the creator of 'Gindo's Spice of Life?'

Want to spice up your life? Well, Chris Ginder (or Gindo, as his friends call him) knows how! The LA mixologist and home chef created Gindo’s Spice of Life, a special hot sauce that is now used by famous chefs like Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio on his famous “Cold Fried Chicken” sandwich at LA’s Ink Sack! While it took time to perfect over the years, Gindo has got it down and is dishing out all his spicy secrets on cooking, love & his favorite date hot-spots.

Tell us about yourself; what do you like to do in your free time?
I love to travel, snowboard, write songs, check out live music, cook, eat out and drink tasty adult beverages with good friends. Cooking has always relaxed me as well as given me a creative outlet.

How did you go from being a bartender to creating an amazing hot sauce!?
I love the freedom and lack of responsibility that comes with being a bartender. It allowed me to explore many different career choices, move all over the country, and meet lots of great people. I was growing peppers on my deck and decided to try my hand at making a hot sauce with them. I seriously nailed it on my first try and everyone that tasted it, told me I would be a fool not to bottle it! The problem was, I never cook with a recipe or measure when I'm cooking, so I had to spend the next two years perfecting and writing down every adjustment I made.

Does your career spice up your romantic life with your wife? Pun fully intended!
I think every girl dreams about being romantically involved with a Hot Saucier!

What do you think is a perfect first-date meal?
Hot wings and beer of course! You gotta make sure she's not scared to get down and dirty. Actually, if my wife dumps me and I have to do the first date thing again, I would definitely take her to Ink on Melrose. That place is just plain sexy, man!

Who has been your idol throughout your career journey?
I'm a huge fan of Lara Logan. That woman is a bad ass! I've researched many different Hot Sauce companies over the years looking for ideas and inspiration and believe it or not, I was mostly inspired by Tabasco.

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