Is He Wasting Your Time ?


Been together for over an year subtle hits about marriage go nowhere? Does He want to commit?

Are you and your lover on completely different thought patterns, you are going down the path of wanting to get married or even move in together you will even settle for just a good solid commit knowing that the two of you are in it for the long run.

Your man is not budging he just doesn't want to hear about commit, it makes him cringe every time you mention it to him, he tries to change the subject at the first sound of anything that sounds like it may be a commit conversation.

Your parents and your friends are telling you he may not be the right guy for you if he can't give you what your wanting out of life, you aren't sure what to do because your in love with your man but your heart wants more than what he is willing to give you.

Should you think about breaking it off and leaving the man that you can see spending the rest of your life with?

"No" breaking up isn't the solution, right now the two of you are just on op sit ends of the LOVE spectrum right now, he is able to commit its just right now he sees everything fine as it is.

Men have a hard time with change even a harder time when it comes to committing to something or someone, this doesn't mean he doesn't Love you it means he doesn't have that emotion moving inside of him like you have.

The good news here is that he is commit able, its not like he has something wrong with him he will never be able to commit to a long term relationship with you.

What can you do?

The best way to go at this would very slow and calm without rushing at him or having him feel like all you wan is for him to commit to something he isn't ready for.

Have you ever tried to approach a wild cat or dog, that lives on the streets?

If you were to walk up to that animal they would run because they are unsure what to expect from you, they have no idea if you are to trap them or hurt them, or even kill them.

There minds tell them to be cautious, that's why they run from you even if your intentions are 100% pure and all you want to do is help them they don't see it that way.

Just like with your man, you know that a commit is great and that you just want to love them forever and treat them like a king, but because his mind tells him lots of other things, like its a trap or he will be changed as a man he runs from you he pulls away and doesn't want to hear about commit.

There is a guide you can use that helps get you to hand feed that wild animal AKA your man in order to get him thinking and seeing the positive side of commit. The Guide

You got to remember any lack of commit on his part has nothing to do with you as a women, it just goes back to him being a wild animal that ran the streets and isn't use to being in a commit with someone.

Just like its very hard to tame a wild animal they wouldn't know how to be house trained right off the bat, you got to show them teach them and walk them step by step through the process of how to be tame.

Not saying your man is a wild animal or ran the streets, but what I am trying to get across is he won't commit to you unless you know the exact way to approach him in order for him to see the same thing you do.

Your man Loves you with all of his heart but having change come his way gives him a very uneasy feeling just like that wild animal has when you try to walk up to it.

This should help with this process.

Watch This it explains a lot more on getting your man to commit Click