What Upsets Demi Moore About Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis?

Demi Moore

Who wouldn't be hurt by news that their ex was spending time with the sexiest woman alive?

After her six-year marriage came to an end, Demi Moore would never have predicted that Ashton Kutcher would move on less than a year later, espeically not to Esquire magazine's Sexiest Woman Alive.

Regardless of whether you agree that Kunis is the sexiest lady around, there's no arguing her attractiveness. Or the fact that she and Kutcher have been spending ample time together—Rosh Hashanah service together in NYC, holding hands after dinner, kissing in public. Despite the fact that were has not been any public statement that they're indeed a couple, it's pretty obvious these two are a pair. Gasp! Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Are Caught Making Out In Public

We're not surprised that Moore is having a hard time with that. It's always hard when an ex moves on. But imagine just how much harder it is that the one your ex has moved on with is the gorgeous Mila Kunis. According to People, Demi is "jealous and frustrated" about the romance.

And while we think she has the right to feel sad and jealous about their coupling, she shouldn't dwell on it either. Yeah, these two are together now, but perhaps they are just each other's rebounds? Ashton's six-year marriage just ended and Kunis recently split from her boyfriend of eight years, Macaulay Culkin. It takes a while to get over such long, committed relationships. And Moore has a lot going for her too! She's almost 50, she looks great, and she has three wonderful daughters. Cougar Dating Love Lessons Even Demi Moore Can Use

The truth of the matter is, whenever you split with a partner, your ex will inevitably move on and begin spending time with someone else. And that hurts. It always does. But it's part of the trade. Moore just needs to find herself a sexy man. Say Jake Gyllenhaal? The newly single Johnny Depp? Or Bradley Cooper, who was People magazine's sexiest man of 2011?

Who do you think Demi should date next?

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