Do Guys Mean What They Say? Yes & No


Learn how to read between the lines and figure out what he's really saying.

A big source of confusion for many of our readers on stems from whether guys mean what they say. A lot of the times, a guy will say one thing and then do something that doesn't seem to fit at all with what he said.

I'm going to use a personal example to further illustrate my point. I started dating this guy who laid it on pretty thick in the beginning. He would tell me how much he liked me, how amazing I was, how happy he is to have met someone like me, how beautiful I was, etc. etc. This came pretty early on in the relationship and I assumed he was hooked. And since he seemed to like me so much I didn't think there was any risk of him suddenly unliking me. Turns out that the rules of Facebook also apply to real life and a guy can go from like to unlike with one quick click...something I wish I knew at the time.

Feeling confident that this guy wasn't going anywhere, I saw no harm in expressing how much I cared for him. Since we both liked each other and it was all out in the open, I figured we were on the fast-track to becoming BF/GF at any moment. Not quite.

Soon enough, he started to distance himself, more and more, until he faded away entirely. Even though this type of thing had happened to me before, I was  baffled. I mean, considering how much he liked me, shouldn't he have been thrilled when I reciprocated?! WTF?! (More: Ask a Guy: When a Guy Withdraws)

I really couldn't understand how he could go from liking me so to completely ignoring me. Was he lying when he professed his undying "like" for me? Well...yes and no. (More: Why Do Men Lie?)

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