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Basic Tips Every Women Should Follow to Attract & Seduce Any Man - Link4Love Blog

Basic Tips Every Women Should Follow to Attract & Seduce Any Man YOU Want - Link4Love Blog

With 102+ million single men and women in the US, and 40 million flocking to online dating sites to meet “the ONE”, we can safely assume the single life is tough and ‘two is better than one’ in most scenarios (yes, that applies to sex as well!)

One of the most common questions single women ask is “How do you seduce a man you don’t know without coming off as a slut?” Well, ladies, you can be classy and elegant…and still attract the man you want. And you don’t have to be a Supermodel either!

We’ve put together Top 5 Tips of seduction that will let you EFFECTIVELY seduce a man, with class and elegance!


DON’T UNDERESTIMATE YOURSELF! All women are beautiful, and EVERY woman has her charm and qualities that make her special. If you continually compare yourself to other women and feel inferior, then you certainly won’t be attractive to men either. No one is perfect and everyone has his or her own flaws. So, take a good look at yourself and confidently outline what amazing qualities you have, why your friends, family, and community members love and respect YOU. Always know what value you bring to the table, accept your flaws and be willing to grow as a person. There’s a fine line between Confidence and Arrogance, so don’t be a conceited you know what. Stay humble yet confident. It’s an art form to master as you not only seduce the man you want but keep him long-term.


The art of seduction is largely visual. You need to tempt a man through his eyes first. So your first order of business is to look the part. And no, that doesn’t mean stepping into four-inch red stilettos, donning a tight mini, and frosting on the heavy makeup. If you want a man to take you seriously, and not just as a one-night stand, then don’t dress like a sleaze! Instead, you should accentuate your classy fabulous self – spend an extra few minutes on your hair, makeup, and wardrobe…down to the shoes. Dress for the occasion! Whether it’s jeans and t-shirt or a trendy night out, you can still look attractive. You don’t’ need to have ALL eyes on you; you just need to grab the attention of the ONE you want. By looking and feeling your best, you’ll feel more confident and comfortable.


Everything rare is VALUABLE: the more you’re seen, the more you’re heard, and the more you do the same things, the more ORDINARY you become. If you’re part of a ‘group’ or ‘community’, stay away for a while and people will talk about you more, they’ll even admire you more…they’ll miss you more. Scarcity will increase your value, as you become that woman that’s rare and original. Men today can’t stand conventional and ordinary women. They are surrounded by the ‘same ole same ole’ everywhere they go, so stand out from the crowd…even when you are not in the crowd. Reinvent yourself, join a NEW group, learn something new, explore new challenges, or take on a new cause. Through these new experiences, you will not only grab the interest of new men in your life, but also peek the interest of men who didn’t notice you before.


Sometimes we don’t realize the signals we give off with our body language. Pay attention to how you stand, sit, walk and of course your facial expressions. A SMILE goes a long way. Make yourself approachable with a nice welcoming smile, make eye contact, sit in a position that makes it easy for a man to come talk to you. For goodness sake…DON’T frown, roll your eyes or cross your harms!!!! Check out our Blog on Top 10 Flirting Tips. If you’re having fun, laughing, and enjoying yourself, then men will naturally want to be around the “FUN” girl. Who wants to be with the boring, frumpy, and angry girl in the corner gossiping about the other girls who are having fun? NO ONE! Your body language says a lot about yourself, so if you want to attract and seduce that Hottie in the room, poise your body, your smile and your eyes perfectly in his direction. Once he approaches and the conversation kicks off, don't hold back on occasionally touching his hand or arm, as you a bit closer in having a more intimate discussion. Just enough intimacy to make him want to see you again...


Ultimately, the key to a successful seduction lies in being yourself. While there are plenty of proven tips and techniques for seducing a man, your efforts will fall short if you’re not being authentic. Just be the BEST version of YOU, even if that means you’re occasionally shy, clumsy, and quirky. In fact, your partner may find you all the more attractive and fun for these authentic and surprising moments.

Ladies, these five surefire yet attainable tips will set you on the path of seduction. Just remember…seduction has little to do with scoring physical contact and everything to do with turning on your man’s heart and mind. If you succeed on a physical and emotional level, everything else will follow in time.

Try these tips and let us know how they work for you! We’d love to hear your feedback and comments.