4 Sexy Women John Mayer Has Screwed (Over)!

John Mayer

Happy Birthday, John! We're sharing the four hottest women he managed to let go and screw over!

In honor of John Mayer's 35th birthday we want to remind him of some of the lovely women he dated and then let go. The worst thing a hot singer who is famous can do it be caught in an interview exposing his truest thoughts about his lady lovers. Mayer claimed in a Playboy article that he hated to be a heartbreaker. Some of the ladies listed below moved fast over the years and have found themselves very lucky in love.

1. John Mayer was breaking Jennifer Love Hewitt's heart back in 2002. He even wrote a song about her, and who doesn't love a singer writing about them? Jennifer Love Hewitt once joked about the song "Your Body Is A Wonderland"  to Entertainment Weekly, that in fact her body is a "pawn shop." We've seen her on The Client List and might have to agree with Mayer on this one!

2. Jessica Simpson and John Mayer dated from 2006 to 2007 and seemed happy together. She even changed her hair color to match him ... although, that's a little much. After the split, Mayer told Playboy that Jessica Simpson was like "sexual napalm." Then, he compared her to "cocaine." As for the relationship, Mayer must have had to go to rehab after all those drug-like moments for him and Simpson who he abandoned by 2007. We're happy she's moved on to a man who keeps their private life private.

3. Remember when John Mayer dated Jennifer Aniston from 2008-2009? We try to forget that Aniston would want to date him! However, in a much too revealing tell all about Mayer's sexuality, he sincerely seemed to grieve losing Aniston. Mayer said that he'd "never really gotten over" the split from Aniston. Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer Split We're just happy she's happily engaged to Justin Theroux.

4. Taylor Swift was so angry with John Mayer she wrote a song called Dear John to expose his heartbreaking ways. (Taylor Swift wrote a song about a guy? No way!) Swift dated Mayer on and off from 2008 to 2009. Mayer was not too happy about the song proclaiming, "I'm pretty good at taking accountability now."  Swift, who is now dating Connor Kennedy, did an interview with Glamour and didn't want to hear about Mayer feeling "humiliated" by the lyrics. "I put a high priority on staying happy," she told the magazine. We're so happy this young girl has moved on!

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