Creating a Safe Playground


Creating a playground for children, which is safe and reliable is a task which must not be given to

Creating a playground for children, which is safe and reliable is a task which must not be given to just anyone. You want to make sure that the little ones who play in the playground do not get into accidents and do not get any injuries. With the right implementation and study, a wonderful place for kids can be created successfully. What are the things which should be considered when designing and making a playground?

Before you go to the store or take a look at brochures for playground equipment, you need to understand what the primary reason is for making a playground. Playgrounds are created to provide kids with endless joy, play and exercise. Some of the most common things which you can find in these places for kids are swings, climbing frames and other street furniture.

How much are you willing to spend on a playground? You have to work with your budget so that you do not spend more than what you intend to. The good news is that there are playgrounds for every budget. It is a must to look for playground equipment which is especially made for commercial use.

Once you surf the Internet, you will find numerous stores selling play sets such as slides, swing sets, dome climbers, see-saws and play houses. Never choose equipment based on design. You must always put quality above appearance.

Do remember that toddlers and schoolchildren cannot play on the same sets. This is because there is difference in height, complexity and other things. It is important that you label the equipment which you plan to put in the playground. This will help minimize and even eliminate accidents. There is nothing more unfortunate than seeing a young child getting hurt.

Most playground injuries are caused by falling. This is why most playground designers today design equipment with both high and low levels. This is not only safe, it is also important in the development of kids. Changing the levels will change a child’s perception of the world. It gives them the opportunity to see the world from different vantage points. Although higher is not always better, difference in height is of utmost importance to a good play structure. It is a must to remember that equipment for schoolchildren not be higher than 8 feet. Equipment for preschool children should not be higher than 6 feet.

The playground must also be compliant with the government’s act regarding children with disability. Children who have limited capabilities should not be prevented from enjoying themselves and their childhood. They must also be encouraged to actively participate in games with other kids their age. The ground should be easily accessed by parents, as well as their kids.

Truly inclusive playgrounds must not only provide game space, but it should also create alternate routes for the handicapped. Nothing encourages play more between normal and handicapped children than alternate routes where they can meet in the middle and collaborate. There are various playground equipment like this which come from commercial places.

Article by Jenny Joyce is a freelance writer who enjoys exploring children’s playgrounds, she writes about Playground Equipment.