Can Sharing Household Chores Lead To Divorce?

Household Chores
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A new study finds a correlation between chore-equality and divorce.

We hate to break it to you, but equality in marriage doesn't always seem to work. A study out of Norway suggests that the divorce rate for couples who share the housework is 50 percent higher than in marriages where the wife does all the chores herself. Say what?

Although there's no clear cause-and-effect here, one explanation for this study could be that women in the first group nag their husbands to do the chores. By all means, I would also divorce a woman who constantly bothered me to clean the toilet bowl after a hard day at the law firm. I mean, can we have sex first? Or a beef stew? And then can I retreat to my library and puff on my cigar in peace?

But another way to look at this study, which researchers took into consideration, is that modern couples willing to share chores in the first place might not look at marriage as "sacred" in the way more traditional couples do. This might just be a classic "the chicken or the egg" scenario.

Despite this plausible reasoning, the researcher goes on to say that women should just suck it up and do the housework to avoid the issue altogether. I would have to argue that a woman who does housework all day is going to be too tired for another very important relationship "chore." And I'm just going to go out on a limb and say I'm pretty sure the husband would rather spend a few minutes with a toilet scrubber than miss out on that action.

Regardless of how things are in Norway, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. women already do the vast majority of domestic duties — even with full-time jobs. Women spend 2.6 hours a day on household chores, while men only spend 2.1 hours. So settle down, guys, and pick up a Swiffer WetJet every now and again.

Or, you can do what I would do, which is hire a maid and consider that an investment in the marriage. Cleaning does not make anyone feel sexy and should be stocked up there on the "things women do that they hate" shelf, right next to exercise and waxing.

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