I'm On A Diet, My Boyfriend Loves Bacon: How We Deal

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We're two compatible people with incompatible eating habits.

I don't police his eating habits though, for a few reasons. First, I don't want him to resent me. One study from the University of Michigan found that when wives forced their husbands onto strict diets without consultation, the men didn't object for fear of conflict; however, they would secretly binge eat behind their partner's back. Second, his presence gives me a good opportunity to indulge in small amounts; he always offers me a bite of the elaborate grilled cheese sandwiches we enjoy making together. And finally, it took me 24 years to make over my eating habits, so I can sympathize with someone who doesn't see the appeal of subbing cauliflower puree for regular mashed potatoes.

The good news is that I haven't gained any of my old weight back. The bad news is that I've been stuck at my current weight for quite some time — all summer and into fall, to be exact. I love feeling healthier, but I still have about 15 pounds to go before I reach that doctor-approved weight range for my height. I've already dropped three jean sizes and bought (and wore!) my first bikini in years this past summer. But I still felt uncomfortable with my body, so I'd like to keep chugging along until I hit my ultimate goal by next year.

The challenge now is motivating myself to stay on track. Studies are always showing that once you get more comfortable in a relationship, you tend to gain weight. Though I haven't gained any due to my veggie habit, I've slacked off a bit when it comes to going to the gym and definitely indulge more often than I should. I don't blame Eric, though. He understands and has been a great motivator, but also doesn't shame me when I sneak a french fry or two from his dinner plate. We both understand and respect the strange dynamic our eating habits sometimes create, and I think that has made our relationship even stronger.

Best of all, when I'm cooking dinner, he'll sometimes pull me away from the stove and start dancing with me. My grandparents used to slow-dance in the kitchen. So I'd say our extreme diet differences have done nothing but bring us together, and I'm thankful for it — even if I'm stuck with a few extra pounds. For now.

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