October Dating Secrets - Scare Women Right Into Your Arms


Learn the perfect October dating ideas that will have women literally, falling into your arms!

One of the biggest questions I often receive as a dating coach is, where should I go for a second date?

Whether we are dealing with online dating, picking up women at bars, or meeting through friends, coming up with a second date can often be a challenge. This is because want to keep things fresh and exciting in the early stages. Most of all, we want to be careful not to repeat a date that is much too similar to the first date.

Meeting for drinks on a first date, followed by a second date that is dinner is all too repetitive and many men make this mistake! Well luckily for us, October is one of the best times of year to go on second date.

Why? Halloween!

Halloween presents a whole plethora of great dates to take women on. We have:

- Haunted Houses
- Scary Movies
- Ghost Tours
- Pumpkin picking, followed by an afternoon of decorating a pumpkin.
- Local exhibits that are Halloween themed

The list can go on and on.

However, today I would like to focus on the first three ideas that were mentioned; haunted houses, scary movies, and ghost stories.

These make ideal second dates with women for a number of reasons.

For starters, did you know that when human beings become scared, we release the chemical known as dopamine? This is the same feel-good chemical that causes people to feel an infatuation towards others. When we make our dates scared, in a fun way of course, they may find themselves subconsciously feeling more attracted to us due to the thrills and chemical that are being released.

The second advantage to these three dates are that your date will likely be holding onto your arm or diving right into your body when she gets scared. This is a good thing because it will increase physical contact, helping to keep us out of the friend zone. Many women don't like to kiss on a first date. But we need to make this happen on the second date or we labeled as nothing more than a potential friend at best. By having women in our arms throughout the night, we will raise comfort levels and all but ensure that a first kiss comes naturally by the end of the date.

Finally, these types of dates are fun! Women love to feel like kids again every once in a while. They love dates that are unique different from the last hundred boring dates they have been on. So show them a good time, give them a little scare, and provide them with a second date that they will remember long after it is over. If you need some resources on great haunted house ideas, you can find your fair share at www.hauntedhouse.com

So have fun, and most importantly, don't be scared! We want to seem like men in front of women, not cowards!

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