How to Save Money on Hotels in Galway


If everyone had a lot of money to spare on hotel rooms, then there would be no need for budget sites

If everyone had a lot of money to spare on hotel rooms, then there would be no need for budget sites. The fact is, not a lot of people have money to spare on hotel accommodations. In fact, most people are trying to penny pinch on their hotel accommodations. After all, not a lot of people spend a lot of time on their hotel rooms when they go on vacation or when they travel to a new place. They would much rather go out and about exploring the city and discovering the culture.

If you are planning to visit the beautiful city of Galway, Ireland, you will surely have a good time.  Make the most out of your vacation with these tips which will help you save a good amount of money.

Comparison shopping is a must if you are to get more value for your money. Comparison shopping is a very simple task today, thanks to the Internet. Rates offered on a hotel website, a local desk and a 1-800 number and vary greatly and most of the time, the amount is a big difference. Make this work in your favor and check all three sources.  Go with whichever offers you the best deals.

Stay two or more nights at the same Galway hotels.  This often results in savings or rebate in the form of a gas card or cash back.  Even if you do not get rebates, you should still be able to save on hotel booking fees. You can save even more money if you book seven or more consecutive nights.
Booking hotels in Galway as part of a tour package can help you save a substantial amount of money. As you might have already read, Galway has a lot of great things to offer to tourists and you surely would not want to miss a single one. A tour is the best way to not only see beautiful sights but make new friends too.

Visit several travel websites when looking for the best deals in hotels. This is especially helpful for people who would like to go to places where tourists typically go. These places tend to be very expensive and browsing through travel websites can help you find the best deal possible.
Scour Ebay for hotel gift cards.  You can purchase these gift cards at a fraction of the cost of a hotel reservation. There can be listing which include well-known and top hotel chains.

If you are a frequent visitor of that certain Galway hotel you should join a club for the hotel’s frequent patrons. This will enable you to get free visits or discounted stays. You can get a lot of perks based on how many times you have stayed in the hotel in the past.

Emails can be annoying but it is about discounted hotel rates, they can be a blessing. You should sign up for email lists for the best hotel deals and rates. You can save quite a bit of money for staying in hotels on selected dates.

Article by Elissa Joyce is a freelance writer who enjoys exploring Galway City, she writes about Hotels in Galway.