Reggie Bush Is In Love, Expecting & Ready To Go Gun Shopping

Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush and girlfriend Lilit Avagyan are expecting. Dad says if it's a girl, he needs a gun!

It probably isn't the safest baby accessory to buy so why would Reggie Bush want a gun? The Miami Dolphins football player and girlfriend Lilit Avagyan have announced that after a year of dating and being head over heels in love, they are expecting their first child. Can you understand this overprotective father or is it over-the-top?

The answer is simple, the couple might paint the nursery blue if it's a boy but Bush joked this week if it's a girl he'll buy a gun.  Bush was on The Paul and Young Ron Show on Tuesday morning when he revealed they don't know the baby's sex.

"I'm hoping for a boy, because if it's a girl I'm going straight to the gun shop to buy some guns," the 27-year-old joked to the radio show. We would recommend buying a handmade blanket if it's a girl and wait until she's a teenager for the guns. Or, just eliminate the gun play all together.

However absurd their first parenting actions might be, the young couple is excited.

"We can't wait," Bush revealed. "It's an opportunity to bring in a new life and raise a child. I think that's the most special gift to a man and a woman. I look forward to it and building a family."

His famous ex Kim Kardashian has reportedly insulted over him having a child because he wouldn't with her. We're not sure we believe this since she's happily enamored with boyfriend Kayne West and now thinks he's the one. We're happy for the running back and his 24-year-old girlfriend (even if she does look a lot like Kim). He now deserves his own life now away from the Kardashian love kurse. However still wouldn't advise that Bush buy guns anytime soon!

Anyway, Congrats you two! We can't wait to see the little one in April.

Tell us: Is Reggie Bush's gun buying comment an example of normal over-protective father or is it over-the-top?

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