How to Use a Female Condom


This article provides information on the female condom and how to use it.

A female condom is a pouch or sheath that is about 6.5 in length that fits inside the vagina. The FC2 female condom is made from synthetic rubber (non latex) and has a flexible ring at each end. The inner ring at the closed end of the condom should be used to insert the condom into the vagina, and holds the condom in place. The outer ring at the open side of the condom is designed to remain outside of the vagina and cover the external genitalia.

The FC2 female condom should be inserted into the vagina prior to sex. The female condom acts as a barrier to protect the users from unwanted pregnancies, HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases. This condom contains a silicone based lubricant, inside of the condom, but an additional condom safe lubricant can be utilized if necessary.  There are a number of benefits to using an FC2 female condom. These condoms are safe to use, even if you are allergic to latex. They can also be inserted prior to intercourse, and also prior to the male having an erection. The FC2 female condom does not require removal right after ejaculation, but should be removed once the female gets up. This type of condom is also not tight, very lubricated, and warms to the body temperature so the feeling is natural. Men who do not want to wear a condom because of discomfort can have the female partner use the FC2 female condom instead.
Directions for Using a Female Condom

1) Locate the arrow at tear notch of condom package and tear open. Rub the outside of the pouch to make sure the lubrication is evenly distributed. Take out the FC2 condom and examine closely to make sure there are not rips or tears.

2) Find a comfortable position. Try standing with one foot on a chair or sit with knees apart.

3) Be sure that the inner ring is at the bottom, closed end of the pouch. This is the end that will be inserted into the vagina.

4) Hold condom with the open end hanging down. While holding the outside of the condom, squeeze the inner ring with your thumb and middle finger.

5) Place your index finger between your thumb and middle finger and keep squeezing the inner ring. Or, you can just squeeze the ring. Pick what is easiest for you to do.

6) With your other hand, spread the lips of your vagina as if you were going to insert a tampon.

7) Insert the squeezed FC2 female condom. Take your time. If it is too slippery, then you can start over.

8) Push the inner ring and the condom into your vagina with your index finger and make sure the inner ring is past your pubic bone. You can feel your pubic bone by curving your index finger when it is a couple of inches inside the vagina.

9) Make sure the FC2 female condom is not twisted, but inserted straight. It is also important that the outer ring lies against the outer lips of the vagina. About one inch of the open end will remain outside of your body.

Please refer to the instructions that are included with your female condom before use as it can contain more helpful information about its usage. Once you are finished with the condom, twist the outer ring to seal its contents, wrap in a tissue or its original wrapper, and throw in a trash receptacle. Do not flush the condom down the toilet. Do not reuse the female condom. A new condom should be used with each act of sexual intercourse.

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