Why Olivia Wilde & I Find Funny Men So Sexy

Why Olivia Wilde & I Find Funny Men So Sexy

Olivia Wilde loves her live-in hilarious boyfriend Jason Sudeikis ... and so do I.

Hollywood is filled with sexy men and funny men, but many think you have to take one and leave the other. I'm here to disagree. Apparently, Olivia Wilde also had to disagree, since she's been raving about her man Jason Sudeikis. These five men are super sexy and absolutely hilarious, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. Be sure to share your favorite below!

1. I was so excited when Jason Sudeikis started dating the sexy Olivia Wilde! Wilde, 28 confirmed to USA Today that she and Sudeikis, 37 are now living together! I'd happily move in with the Saturday Night Live writer and funny man, too! From Hall Pass to Horrible Bosses, it's no surprise Wilde can't get enough of the hilarious actor. She also shared that the two want to do a movie together, since they're always "doing bits." Yes, please!

2. I am so in love with Jason Segal and some of it has to do with the fact that he loves Michelle Williams and her daughter so much! She needs to be loved by a great man like Segel.  He makes her laugh, as we've seen in numerous photos! I loved him in Forgetting Sarah Marshall as the schlep who flees to Hawaii after being dumped and runs right into his ex! But to be more recent I fell for him in the quirky movie The Five-Year Engagement starring opposite his friend Emily Blunt. The unique wedding they had at the end of the film gave us hilarious wedding ideas! I'm so happy Michelle Williams couldn't stay away from his sense of humor. I don't blame her!

3. Sacha Baron Cohen is so funny he's almost banned from being around people. While some may find it annoying, I definitely find it sexy and hilarious. He's noted for his inappropriate jokes and for pushing boundaries in his roles. He's so shocking, I can't even believe he was in Talladega Nights. Did you forget how he hot he was without all those ridiculous costumes he's usually wearing? Well I'm here to refresh your memory. Take a look—he's hot! I'm a tad jealous of his wife Isla Fisher, who he dated for eight years before marrying in 2010. His humor must keep her pretty happy! He's set to appear opposite Reese Witherspoon in the 2013 film Downsizing. Maybe Witherspoon will charm him into being a more agreeable comedian! Somehow, I'm not so sure anyone can ... But I'm more than fine with that.

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