Danny DeVito & Rhea Perlman: What Went Wrong?

Danny DeVito & Rhea Perlman

One of Hollywood's longest marriages has come to an end, but that doesn't mean yours has to.

Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman long stood out as one of those Hollywood couples who were stuck together like glue. They were in it for the long-haul, or so we thought. So, after 30 years together, does the flame just stop burning? It doesn't have to.

According to Entertainment Tonight, a rep for the couple has confirmed their separation and plans for divorce. Perlman and DeVito met in 1970 after a performance of the Broadway play The Shrinking Bride. Perlman had attended to see a friend perform, and DeVito was also in the cast. After the curtains closed, DeVito talked to Perlman and apparently really charmed her. The two moved in together two weeks later.

This means these two have known each other for over four decades! During the course of their romance and marriage, they created their own production company, and worked on multiple projects together on-screen including the film version of Matilda and the sitcom Taxi. The couple also has three grown children—Lucy, 29, Grace, 27 and the youngest and only son Jacob, 24.

After 30 years, the couple now is calling it quits. So, does this mean that love eventually fizzes out? Not if you follow the steps of our YourTango Experts. "The eyes are the mirrors to the soul, and it's amazing how we cannot really look at or see each other," YourTango Expert Donna Davidge said about the importance of looking into your loved one's eyes. "It is surprising how deeply this action can reconnect you both." You can read all 18 tips on how to keep your romance fresh in the full article.

Maybe DeVito and Perlman should have read it. They did know what to do back when their relationship was still fresh. “You’d really have to work hard at breaking us up at this point,” Perlman told People in 1995 about their rock-solid marriage. When DeVito was asked about the key to a happy relationship, he simply answered: “Love. Love. I mean, really. You know what? Who knows. The secret to success is to try to never figure that out.”

Maybe they tried too hard to figure it out.

Tell us: Do you think it takes work to keep the flame burning after a long relationship?

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